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Destination of Excellence

Welcome to Le Plaisir, your ultimate destination for luxury and rejuvenation in the world of Hair and Beauty.

Nestled in the heart of Silverstream, Kaiapoi, our salon is a haven of relaxation and transformation, where skilled professionals craft stunning hairstyles and body treatments that enhance your natural beauty. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for pampering, we invite you to experience the exquisite blend of artistry and indulgence that defines Le Plaisir. Step into our elegant oasis, and discover the pleasure of self-care, skincare, massage therapy, the joy of confidence, and the beauty that lies within you.

Welcome to Le Plaisir, a true Destination of Excellence.


Meet our team

Le Plaisir owner Aniko who created the beauty parlour to offer services such as skincare, hair styling, massage therapy and wedding makeup


Hi everyone, I am Aniko, owner of Le Plaisir.

Even though I am not a hairdresser nor a beauty therapist I really enjoy working in this ever-evolving industry and Le Plaisir in the heart of Silverstream, Kaiapoi.

I was born in Budapest and came to New Zealand 33 years ago. I started my career in the casino industry when Christchurch Casino opened and travelled around the world working as a croupier, supervisor, manager in that industry. I lived in many interesting places, but my heart always pulled me back to New Zealand where I eventually settled with my family. When my children were old enough I managed and co-ordinated a renovation of a historic hotel in Christchurch and after that I decided to focus solely on Le Plaisir.

My daughter is an equestrian and my son is into downhill mountain biking and motocross. When I am not in Le Plaisir you can find me joining one or driving around the other.
On behalf of the Team and myself it is my privilege to welcome you all to Le Plaisir.

Thank you for trusting us with your hair and beauty needs and I hope we can continue to provide you with the outstanding professional and friendly service in the future.

Le Plaisir employee Pru is a qualified beauty therapist and provides self care, skincare, massages and healthy skin in Kaiapoi, New Zealand
Senior beauty therapist


Hello everyone, my name is Pru, I am a qualified beauty therapist for more than 20 years previously working from my home clinic and raising my two children Marley and Poppy with my partner Dave, before joining the team at Le Plaisir 3 years ago.

As a beauty therapist, I understand the importance of self-care, skincare routines, skin products, and the joy that comes from feeling confident in your own skin. Achieving radiant skin is a journey that involves both self-care rituals and expert guidance.

I enjoy all aspect of beauty therapy, from massage therapy, pamper packages, essential beauty, through to advanced skincare, and have a real passion for making people feel beautiful and confident. I will share my beauty expertise, product recommendations, and industry insights to help you achieve and maintain a glowing complexion.

Together we can embark on a journey toward achieving radiant, healthy skin. We are all unique and I would love to help you be your best kind of beautiful.

Le Plaisir employee Lee provides hair and beauty services such as hairstyling at the beauty salon near Rangiora
Senior hairstylist


Hi there! I'm Aletha, but you can call me Lee. I'm a passionate hairdresser originally from Perth, Australia. I've been in the hair and beauty industry since I was 15 years old, and it's been an incredible journey.

Over the years, I've had the privilege of owning two successful businesses. In 2010, I made the exciting move to New Zealand, where I continued to pursue my love for hairstyling.

When I'm not creating fabulous hairdos, you'll often find me entertaining friends, whipping up delicious meals in the kitchen, or sharing a good laugh and banter with those around me.

One thing that truly sets my heart on fire is working with curly hair, and the reason is simple – I'm a curly girl myself! So, whether you're looking for a fresh style, some curly hair care tips, or just a good chat, I'm here to make your hair journey a memorable and enjoyable one. Let's embrace those curls together!

Le Plaisir employee Sue offers hair and beauty treatments including hair styling in Kaiapoi Silverstream
Senior hairstylist


Hi Everyone I am Sue.

I have been a hairdresser for 45 years. My passion is to look after my lovely clients, make them feel great when they come to see me. I have been at Le Plaisir for almost 4 years. I love Silverstream and the lovely people who live here and had the privilege to meet. I love every aspect of hairdressing including the personal conversations, the laughter and the banter with my clients and the Team.

Recently I became a very proud and happy grandmother for the first time and since I am known as “Suema”.

I look forward to seeing you all at Le Plaisir

Le Plaisir employee Leasie offers nail enhancements and nail extensions at the beauty parlour near Woodend, New Zealand
Beauty therapist


Hi everyone, my name is Leasie, I started my journey in the beauty world as a nail technician 8 years ago with the help of my beautiful Lab ‘Bear’ who was my service dog at the time.
I loved how a small thing like nails would make someone feel so much more confident so I decided to broaden my skills with my beauty qualification and that is how I feel in love with beauty therapy.

I love being able to surround my clients with a calming and uplifting environment, helping you to boost your self confidence at the same time.

From having health struggles myself I am very passionate about encouraging clients to take the time of their appointment to have a moment to fully relax and feel at ease even if it’s just in that moment. This is where my passion for massage and all it’s wonderful benefits came from, as I think it’s so important we take the time to take care of our beautiful bodies.

I love everything about beauty from brows to lashes, facials and spa treatments and look forward to all the other wonderful new things I’m going to learn and share over time with you all.


Le Plaisir employee Charlotte provides hairstyling and hair and beauty services at the salon in Kaiapoi
Emerging stylist


Hi my name is Charlotte and I am a local Silverstream girl. I have a fur baby Kiki to keep me company and, on my days, off, I enjoy playing disc golf and baking.

I have been in the industry for 3 years now. I am nearing my full qualification. I am enjoying my increased time on the floor. My love affair with hair began when I was young helping in a country town salon, and I embarked on my apprenticeship three years ago and joined the Le Plaisir Team in January.

I am so excited to learn and grow in the beautiful Le Plaisir environment amongst an amazing, supportive, creative, and talented team. I cannot wait to meet you and embark on our hair adventure together.


Client results

Transform your hair with our expert care and personalised solutions. Our clients at Le Plaisir have experienced remarkable results, from vibrant and silky locks to improved hair health and manageability or elegant bridal hair. Say goodbye to dull and damaged hair and say hello to the gorgeous, head-turning hairstyling results you’ve always dreamed of. Join our satisfied clients and experience the confidence that comes with beautiful and healthy hair.

Created by Charlotte
Full head foils
Created by Charlotte
Feathered haircut
Created by Charlotte
Global colour
Created by Lee
Full head foils
Created by Lee
Reverse balayage
Created by Lee
Created by Lee
HIFU treatment
Before and 1 month after
Performed by Pru

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